YouTube Data Tools

Video Network Module

This module creates a network of videos, based on the concept of co-commenting. If a user comments on two videos, a link is made between these two videos and the more users co-comment, the stronger the link. Up to 1000 top-level comments are taken into account, ranked by relevance. Please note that the channel owner is NOT taken into account when establishing connections.

The videos in the network are selected either through search or by providing a list of video ids.

Check the documentation for the video/list (used to get the info for each video), search/list (used for the search function), and commentThreads/list (to retrieve comments) API endpoints for additional information.


Choose a starting point:

Search query:
(this is passed to the search endpoint)

optional ISO 639-1 relevance language:

optional ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 region code: (default = US)

(max. 10, one iteration gets 50 items)
Rank by:
limit search to videos published in a specific timeframe (format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ - timezone: UTC):



(video ids, comma separated)

Additional parameters:

(how many top level comments to retrieve for each video, max is 1000)