YouTube Data Tools

Channel Network Module

This module crawls a network of channels connected via the "featured channels" (and via subscriptions) tab from a list of seeds. Featured channels are retrieved via channels/list#brandingSettings and subscriptions via subscriptions/list. Seeds can be channels retrieved from a search or via manual input of channel ids.

Crawl depth specifies how far from the seeds the script should go. Crawl depth 0 will get only the relations between seeds. Using many seeds and the maximum crawl depth (2) can take a very long time or the script might run out of memory. Start small.

NB: since graph analysis software can have difficulties with very large numbers, channels' viewcount is given in 100s.


Starting point:

Search query:
(this is passed to the search endpoint)
(max. 20, one iteration gets 50 items)
Rank by:

(channel ids, comma separated)

Additional parameters:

(use both featured channels and channel subscriptions for linking)
Crawl depth:
(values are 0, 1 or 2)