YouTube Data Tools

Video Info and Comments Module

This module starts from a video id and retrieves basic info for the video in question and provides a number of analyses of the comment section. Comments are retrieved via the commentThreads/list API endpoint.

The number of comments the script is able to retrieve can vary wildly. In some cases, only a relatively small percentage is made available, while in others well over 100.000 comments have been successfully retrieved. This seems to be mainly related to the age of the video in question.

The module creates the following outputs:

  • a tabular file containing basic info and statistics about the video;
  • a tabular file containing all retrievable comments, both top level and replies;
  • a tabular file containing comment authors and their comment count;
  • a network file (gdf format) that maps interactions between users in the comment section;

The first three elements can be shown directly in the browser by enabling HTML output.


Video selection and comment cutoff:

Video id:
(video ids can be found in URLs, e.g.
Limit to:
top level comments (ranked by relevance, leave empty for no limit)

Output option:

HTML output:
(displays HTML result tables in addition to file exports)
(replaces usernames and comment ids with irreversible hashes)
File format:
csv / tab